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Posted by Satish Sharma on Nov 13, 2011
Be a Millionaire , Make Money !

Be a Millionaire , Make Money !

Overworked? Overwhelmed? Underpaid? In a dead-end job or even terminally unemployed? Struggling to keep your head above water? Too broke to save money? Drowning in endless bills? Hopelessly in debt? Investments and assets gone bad? Want to but just can’t get out of the money crisis cycle?

Most people with money got that way because of ‘timing’, being “at the right place at the right time”? You might call it “luck”, “coincidence” or even “Fate”. But the truth is, the Universe is only too willing to provide in abundance, that is, to those who are in tune with it. This is why you are reading this now.

This is why you have been guided to my website, towards your first step in becoming a money magnet with my money spells and luck spells. Free yourself from your money worries permanently. Attract the money you deserve, for bills, school, buying your own home or several, cars, world travel, a life of luxury…

My money spells and luck spells begin to work immediately. They will open your eyes, sharpen your intuition, help you see, take advantage of opportunities in places you did not see or consider before. You will make smarter investments, gain promotions, business success… or even unexpected windfalls, lottery wins, loan repayments, refunds, rebates, etc.

The transformation in you and your circumstances will snowball.

Financial Progress of Family Money Spell – For financial growth and stability, helps with collection of money owed, helps secure loans, eases repayment of loans, controls expenses, creates savings, prevents erosion of money, etc – for the whole family. It helps the employed family member or breadwinner become more motivated, gain quick promotion with pay rise. It helps the business person secure more profits, create more assets, helps the family investments attract more value, etc. Helps overcome financial problems due to blocks or obstacles – natural or artificial (like black magic).

Money Spell – Increases money flow, helps with collection of money owed, helps secure and repay loans.

Money Spell II – More powerful than above, minimises the negative effects of financial crisis, financial downturn, recession, inflation, deflation, maximises financial growth and stability, facilitates collection and repayment of debts, loans, minimises expenses, creates more savings – suitable for an individual in business / career / profession / practice/ other. Need more than Money Spells… more like a complete personal overhaul?

  • Take Advantage of Opportunity Spell – helps you capitalise on, exploit, take advantage of opportunities in career / profession/ practice/ business / life. For More Career and Business Success Spells.
  • Win Litigation / Court Case / Legal Disputes Luck Spell
  • Gambling Luck Spell / Speculation Luck Spell – for better intuition, luck and timing in share markets, stock markets, lottery (lotteries), horse racing, scratch cards, betting, card games, casinos, magazine contests, TV contests, other forms of gambling luck and windfall luck.
  • Selling Property Spell – for selling land, buildings and other properties, clinch deals quickly and smoothly, gain good profit.
  • New Acquisitions Spell – for acquisition of new assets – vehicles, land, buildings, protecting existing assets from erosion.



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9 Responses to “Be a Millionaire , Make Money !”

  1. Kori says:

    Where are these spells?

  2. Anilkumar says:

    whre is spells

  3. VINESH says:

    have plenty of debits,loans and need help to get my life back .life is so unfare.

  4. VINESH says:


  5. charu says:

    We are suffering from financial crisis from past 2 years please help out … 27 august 1991 my brother birth date who looks after business

  6. unimatrix says:

    Need to pay debit,loans need help to get my life back

  7. Nworah says:

    DOB 14/09/2014, debts, financially down. No happiness, no career/educational advancement due to financial lack.

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